Modern Camouflage


JANTAMINIAU has presented his latest couture collection “ Modern Camouflage” at Maison JANTAMINIAU in Madrid. The clients were welcomed in a unique setting in which the show location was framed in a graphic grid combined with a organically shaped landscape. JANTAMINIAU presented a collection of fluent lines combined with a strong grid inspired by landscapes.

Jan: ‘I travel to get inspired, to find new crafts and to simply see, discover and learn.
I have been fascinated by people and nature reacting differently to the boundaries they face. This can be personal, cultural or in an other way created by nature. While overthinking this, I looked out of the window of an airplane and was overwhelmed by the art created on earth by nature and mankind.
I got inspired by the rasters and how everyone finds their own way in this raster. Each country, city or nature has his own beautiful pattern. The view of the Mississippi river is a beautiful and delicate example of what can be created by nature when a river is fighting his boundaries for years.’

Modern camouflage is about embracing your boundaries, let them guide you but not
limit you. Dare to break out, fly away and find a new perspective. Never be afraid to draw outside the lines.
The collection consists of fluent lines and fabrics. An interesting combination of delicate materials as silk and lace combined with stronger materials like leather, cotton and organza. The looks have been carefully inriched with handcraft such as painting, embroidery and tye dye techniques to create the illusion of landscapes, wind and movement. Jan presented a wearable couture collection for his clients who travel the world and look for refined and unique pieces for all different occasions.