"Nature is the most beautiful thing. Everything in nature is unique, beautiful and complex."
Jan Taminiau


JANTAMINIAU Couture explores the nature of the woman and figures her as a blank canvas. Building silhouettes, volumes and shapes that extend beyond the limits of creativity, Jan paints freely around women’s silhouette. This craft process celebrates his artisanal sense founded on perfection and care of every detail to achieve the dream. 

Each dress relates a story in which the act of dressing the woman’s body allows her to project the image of herself she desires and wants to achieve. JANTAMINIAU creations are proof of a meticulous experimentation, pattern making and care of the smallest detail.

"Every pattern, every colour and detail in the design has a story behind." 

Jan Taminiau


Jan Taminiau is an architect that turns dreams into reality by painting freely around the woman's body. The art of building a JANTAMINIAU Couture gown is based in how he moulds the fabric over the silhouette to expose the beauty and grace of every woman.

The beauty of JANTAMINIAU Couture is gradually revealed when one gets closer. Each detail and technique defines the intention that completes the genuine spirit of the piece. This is the soulful narrative about Jan's imagination running high. Beauty is reflected through exquisite finishings and carefully handcrafted details.


From the sketch to the final piece, every detail in Jan Taminiau's creative process is a reflection of how he imagines the perfect dress. He is in constant search of new shapes, volumes and finishes that give meaning and life to each dress, stitch and embroidery.

That is the value of his unique pieces and what ensures his artisanal soul. Jan aims to make the impossible possible to make your biggest dream become reality. The Couture process starts from you, who you are and who you want to be. We like to meet our clients to continue learning from them, which is why we are honored to receive them in our Salons in Madrid and Baambrugge.

Throughout the journey of creating a one of a kind gown, you will be our muse and our inspiration. Like this, we can build the perfect gown that is a reflection of you and your personality, seen through the eyes of Jan Taminiau. We start with a creative consultation to understand your needs, preferences and desires. With that we create a sketch which reflects you. Followed with a toile as the first draft, cut from cotton, to see and visualize the shape and the first parts of the artwork. This will help us to make the perfect fit for your body so the dress moves easily with you. 

JANTAMINIAU Couture explores the nature of the woman with pieces that are made by the expert hands of our Atelier modistes. Those who create a magical atmosphere with a soulful and genuine sense for craftsmanship. JANTAMINIAU Couture celebrates our atelier savour-faire and artisanal soul. The place where all pieces are crafted with passion and love.

Couture process


Embroidery represents the most important part of Jan Taminiau's creative process. Handwork has the same beauty as nature for him, as it is different each time, like each leaf, flower and petal.

Jan's soulful and genuine sense of craftsmanship is reflected in different shapes, motifs and designs. His embroidery archive is one of the most important part of his creative process. His Laboratorium is a space in which Jan's creativity finds full freedom. This is what gives true sense to each gown, every hem and stitch.

Couture salon


We invite you to enjoy with us the process of creating unique pieces and to discover the universe of JANTAMINIAU. All our Couture pieces embrace the spirit of Jan's artistic approach through design and craftsmanship.

Jan's Couture creations are meticulously crafted embracing the brand’s unique heritage and codes that celebrate femininity and are inspired by the natural world. Contact us and start this marvellous journey. 



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