“As a designer my goal is to make the ultimate dress,
every single time, over and over again.”


Born September 14, 1975, Goirle, the Netherlands.

Jan Taminiau has become one of the best known fashion designers.

Jan is constantly looking for new ways to expand his romantic world. Often, his new ways lead him back into history to explore rich traditions, half forgotten crafts and original fabrics.

“For me the past is about love, love for craftsmanship and a deep respect for authenticity. This has inspired me to continuously evolve and perfect my own craftsmanship and this has become the source from which I create.”

Taminiau is known for his love for traditional production techniques, antique materials, the search for the right shape and the penchant for aesthetics.“Signature elements in all my collections are the use of refined materials, different artisanal techniques and experimental components which makes each collection original and timeless.”

His work has a refined, conceptual undertone yet never loses sight of the elegant, feminine and wearable form.

“I create for the woman of my dreams, for her I produce my own fabrics, for her I discover new forms, techniques and research new materials. All to give women back the art of showing themselves, and thereby proving that romance, attraction, elegance and style still have an important role to play in today’s fashion.”

In 2001 he graduates at the Academy of Art and Design in Arnhem. His final year project earns him the prestigious Roos Gesink Award of best graduated student. Then Jan Taminiau signs up for the master’s programme at the Fashion Institute of Arnhem in 2003.

After various traineeships at Olivier Theyskens, Oscar Süleyman, corsetier Hubert Barrere and lacemaker Hurel in Paris, he ventured abroad for the first time with a master’s project entitled ‘Unfolding’, which he presented at the Paris Fashion Week. This was followed by a window exhibition at Colette in Paris.

In 2004 he launched his own label, JANTAMINIAU. In July 2005 he held another show during the Paris Fashion Week, after which the “Empire Collection” was presented at the Fondation Cartier.
After such a successful start in Paris, Jan leaves for New York where his Mailbag collection is presented at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

“A mailbag has history, it is been used from tax letters to love letters and that’s why I love it, it has a story to tell.”


From 2007 onwards Jan Taminiau has showed his collections twice a year in Paris during Couture fashion week.

“Couture isn’t about reality or wearability, it is freedom of thinking, my atelier, like a lab, is a place of discovery and development. After which a new journey begins to translate my couture to clothing for women.”

In 2009 Queen Máxima wears a look of Jan’s Mailbag collection at the Opening of Arnhem Fashion Biennale. In 2010 American artist Lady Gaga wears a dress of Jan’s Reflections collection and popstar Beyonce wears JANTAMINIAU shoes on the cover of her new album in May 2011.

“My clients are often in the spotlights. When all eyes are on you you want to feel confident, feel strong and radiate who and what you are. That is the essence of my search, that is always the objective. We create clothing around you, around your body but also around your personality, your style, your role in life. When that all comes together, and my clients can conquer the world, I am most happy.”

In 2012 Jan participates in the Galleries Lafayette Dutch artists exhibition «Dutch Paradox» curated by Luca Marchetti. End of 2012 till the beginning of 2013 the dutch Textiel museum Tilburg dedicates an exhibition to the “Craftsmanship of JANTAMINIAU”. In 2013 Queen Maxima of the Netherlands wore a dress of JANTAMINIAU at the crownation of King Willem Alexander.

In 2013 JANTAMINIAU designed costumes for the movie The Hunger Games and received the ‘Cultuur Mode Stipendium’ award from the Prins Bernhard Culturefund. This scholarship is awarded to talented Dutch fashion designers who excel in artistic quality.

In 2014 JAN TAMINIAU a.o. designed costumes for Gone With the Wind, the theaterplay. Next to this JANTAMINIAU designed the wardrobe for the Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam. In that year he was also rewarded with the highest Dutch price oeuvre price the “Grand Seigneur”. Rihanna was photographed in multiple looks of his hand. In 2014  JANTAMINIAU Couture looks were sold to “Het Centraal Museum” and to the “Gemeentemuseum Den Haag”.

Jan Taminiau’s designs are rich in detail, shape and texture and have therefore been picked up by various museums over the years. In 2018 the Central Museum in Utrecht presented a major exhibition of his work, which resulted in the most visited exhibition in the museum’s history.

JANTAMINIAU continues to be an independent label and has recently opened an atelier in Madrid in order to be closer to its Spanish and Latin-American customers. The year 2019 will also see the launch of his new TAMINIAU wardrobe collection and the launch of his web store.