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From 21 April 2018 the Centraal Museum in Utrecht presents Jan Taminiau – Reflections. A unique exhibition about the work of Jan Taminiau. Publisher Waanders & de Kunst made for this special exhibition a surprising book, named:


Jan Taminiau (1975) is known for his use of traditional, crafted handwork, elaborate techniques and use of unique and authentic fabrics and materials. Because of this he received the Grand Seigneur in 2014, the most important fashion price of The Netherlands. On the 30th April 2013 queen Máxima wore a blue gown and cape made by Taminiau for the inauguration of her husband in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam.

Taminiau combines classical and feminine elements with experimental techniques. He became loved by his clientele around the world short after establishing his own label JANTAMINIAU in 2004.

This book wants to introduce the viewer to the work of this master of couture. Besides the garments there is a great focus on the design and the making process. Fashion, photography, design and art are sourches of inspiration and are connected with each other in his designs. What is couture for him? What are Taminiau’s sources of inspiration and how do they reflect in his creations?

“Couture isn’t about reality or wearability, it is freedom of thinking, my atelier, like a lab, is a place of discovery and development.”

– Jan Taminiau

Book: 160 pages, binded, 24 x 30 cm, full-colour, ISBN 978 94 6262 179 4, € 34,95

For more information, please contact Jan Gisolf (e: jgisolf@uitgeverijdekunst.nl).