Tarnished Beauty

Date: January 24, 2012 Category:

About the collection

The collection is designed to elevate women and make them shine. For this purpose JANTAMINIAU deploys an army of beauty. The collection is colorful and extravagant. Through the glittering armor we see fragile forms and tarnished delicate fabrics. The silhouettes are feminine and

Tarnished Beauty
In the world of JANTAMINIAU beauty is more than a twinkling armor that protects us from reality. It is a hedonistic refuge that keeps the world outside. Real beauty comes alive when people open themselves to each other and shines through the armor. Ultimately, the army descends and the masks go off. Within this collection JANTAMINIAU shows that beauty can be disarming and hopeful. De Tarnished Beauty collection puts women on a pedestal and let them radiate with beauty.